Artist and sceptic Adham FaramawyM asks if virtual reality’s fantastical spaces can offer new ways to make and experience art. He sets out to find out what VR can offer beyond the shock of its novelty: from new bodies to new lovers, to new spaces for work and play.

He flies like a super hero, jumps off a plank from the top of a Skyscraper, travels through a vein in the human body and is engulfed by folders in a demonic workplace: all in the name of Art.

He explores a bold new medium in its infancy, talking to artists working with the medium, but also to innovative gamers who seem further ahead in using and thinking about the medium than perhaps the art world is.

Initially excited by the possibilities of pushing beyond the rectangle of a screen to create truly immersive moving image, Adham is troubled by the potential for VR to become a place to replicate the social injustice and bigotries of the physical world.

The speed and development of the technology is impressive, but how is it exciting or troubling artists and audiences, and how does this new frontier affect their attitudes towards themselves and the ways they behave and interact with the world around them?

With digital art pioneer Rebecca Allen, artists Ed Fornieles and Rindon Johnson, expert games designer Robin Hunicke and Professor Henry Fuchs.

Produced by Rose De Larrabeiti

With music from Sega Bodega

Airs on BBC Radio 4 on 23rd April 2018 @ 4pm

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