How are some of Scotland’s diverse communities discovering the joys of sound art? Join the new generation of noise-makers, as they get creative with their sonic environments.

The very idea of sonic art is, for many, a complete turn-off. It can feel exclusive, challenging, and even threatening. Yet in some surprising places, creative noise-making is capturing the imagination.

In Glasgow, audio innovators from a variety of backgrounds are collecting sounds around them, then shaping their recordings into playful, bizarre and beautiful compositions.

What attracts these new noise-makers? How does their work smash sonic stereotypes? And, who’s listening?

Radio producer Steve Urquhart spends time with emerging sound recordists – including unaccompanied young asylum seekers exploring their new audio environments, and people with disabilities crafting original work for an experimental art radio station.

Featuring work created with:
Maryhill Integration Network
New Young Peers Scotland
Project Ability
Young People’s Futures, Possilpark

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